Covid 19 Memorial Project

Its important to remember that there are individuals behind the headlines and numbers. Each person lost is connected to countless others whose lives are impacted by their absence. 

Thru this project I have been doing free memorial portraits of those lost to Covid-19 and gifting their portraits to the families. Please contact me if you have lost a loved one to Covid-19 and would like a portrait to remember them by.

I am not excepting donations for this project and instead directing anyone who wishes to show their appreciation to donate to the


Jay T Stec

Jay worked as much as anyone but when he wasn't, he was definitely with family and/or friends at golf outings or having drinks. Jay is survived by his son Jon and his wife is Connie.


Lauren's Grandmother


Amy W. 50, of West Chester Pa.


Bob C. Born May 29, 1920 He was an avid walker and walked several miles everyday.


Barbara R. survived by her husband


Dale B. 82 of Indianapolis, passed away on Wednesday April 29th 2020. He loved fishing, traveling and UI basketball.


Syliva Jo and Herman of Austin Texas, married 63 years and died 8 days apart.